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Valio – the best!

Well done the Finns! They were able to create a very successful & highly organized company which produces dairy products. It abruptly stands out from the many manufacturers of similar food in its environmentally friendly production, proper balanced components, excellent packaging.

My family used to buy Valio products in the network hypermarket "Globus" (Moscow region), which is closely located to our place.

Our favorite products: 
  •   sour cream 23% fat (it’s a pity that there is no deliveries of sour cream 10% fat),
  • milk 1,5% fat and 3,5% fat, 
  • butter and, finally, a series of great Oltermanni cheeses, from which we prefer lactose-free cheese (17% fat) in the form of slices in vacuum packaging.

    Valio funny cows

    Cows are funny and milk is great!!!

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