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Northern guests - WAXWINGS came flying to us

waxwings sitting in rowan tree

Enjoy a look at these cute birds! The other day, they looked in our region in order to eat sugar rowan berries. They explored all the trees and bushes, playfully jumping from branch to branch, searching for food. However, it was necessary to pass by a person or to drive car - the flock is instantly removed and immediately flew away. These birds are brave, but very careful!

Up close the waxwings resemble parrots with pinkish tufts and black and yellow tails. They always try to stay in the flock, come and go suddenly. The waxwings make their nests in the northern Eurasia forests from Scandinavia to Kamchatka and Kolyma. In summer it is almost impossible to see them in the cities, but in winter they often visit people and peck of delicious rowan berries, their main winter food. Also hawthorn, buckthorn and some other shrubs are not deprived of our northern guests’ attention.

When spring comes, the waxwings will fly into their native forests. And we will look at the photos and remember this magical piece of northern nature for a long time!

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