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Scandinavian confectionaries (part 3)... And even alcohol!

To learn how you can sweeten the winter, read Scandinavian confectionaries (part 2).

And in the summer we always traditionally bring 2 things from Finland:

Cloudberry jam with the taste of the sun and the Finnish nature from company Meritalo (we were very fond of it back in 2008 – our first acquaintance with Finland).

Photo of our tea table on the veranda of the Messilä cottage (near Lahti)

Liqueurs (particularly from firm Lapponia - http://www.lapponia-liqueurs.fi/). Our favorite liqueur is (again!) made from cloudberries. Although you can also buy cowberry, blueberry, buckthorn and cranberry liqueurs. Add a spoonful of your favorite liqueur in coffee or tea and enjoy it all day long!

Once again - our tea table, but now with liqueurs


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