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Scandinavia by brush of Russian artist

"The Beauty of Scandinavia"this is the name of one of the collections of oilpaintings by the artist Nadejda Sarbatova (presented in Galleri Ängel, Stockholm, 2014). Looking at the photo of her paintings, it is safe to say: all of them are made with sincere love to the Nordic countries.

 All the photos of this post: http://russiaonline.se/

Nadejda Sarbatova: self-portrait

You can see Stockholm and Copenhagen in the summer at most of the artworks of this collection. One should think that this is not accidentally, because Scandinavia changes beyond recognition and sparkles with the bright tints exactly in the summertime! The beauty of medieval architecture of the two Scandinavian capitals opens up before our eyes as if from a new perspective.

The desire to convey the harmony between man and nature (unfortunately, it is often lost in reality) is presented in other Nadejda’s oilpaintings.

Painting style of this artist is called naivizm. He is characterized by the following features: deliberate simplicity, bright colors, lack of perspective. Such factors cause a feeling of lightness, ease.

The main idea of Nadejda’s artworks can be briefly expressed in the slogan: "I paint what I see by intuition, with all my heart". She adds her own touches and details in order to shade/highlight the main plot; uses techniques that convey the master plan without stale stamps.

From my point of view, there is a desire to learn to enjoy the small things in Nadejda’s artworks. This is very useful to be able to relieve stresses from our modern life.

I also want to draw your attention to another collection of the artist: "The Eastern Star". Its "main characters" - Russian orthodox churches and Russian nature.

Soon two new collections of oilpaintings by Nadejda Sarbatova will be presented to public. They are dedicated to the Norwegian fjords and the nature of Iceland! Let me say a few words about them.

There is the true Scandinavian North captured in these paintings. Houses of Norwegians with colored roofs/foundations, which contrast nicely with the harsh landscapes. Colorful sky and the purest water of such a beautiful fjords.

Amazingly beautiful views of Iceland. So it seems that just from somewhere behind the mountains should appear local trolls - tröll and skessu.

P.S. For those who wish to purchase artworks by the artist Nadejda Sarbatova - the approximate price range - $200-300.

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