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Photos of Finnish cozy cottages (Honka project)

Cozy cottage village in Messilä (near Lahti), built on technology of the famous Finnish company HONKA. Located on the hillock - you can admire the picturesque Lake Vesijärvi from a height. Surrounded by forest and the houses themselves are buried in verdure.

It is often visited by people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the megaopolis/megalopolis. Here, in warm homely atmosphere, they feel refreshment of mind and body, relax in famous saunas, catch tasty fishes, gather mushrooms and berries, cycle, go Scandinavian/Nordic walking ... And they come home with a superpositive attitude! 

See the photos and penetrate the optimism and tranquility.






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  1. Подтверждаю - отличное место! И зимой и летом здесь уютно и хорошо


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