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5 reasons to get permanent residence in Scandinavia

Social security (some people who live there are so spoilt that they don’t want to search any job. Instead, they simply pour down their dole which amount is the largest in Scandinavia).

High-quality free medical care (one of many examples: our friend from Estonia told that he often complained of his health. Despite of that, doctors from local health clinics said him that he had a health like an astronaut’s health. Then, when he came to Finland, he was carefully & free examined. After that he underwent several operations, and now his health is really like an astronaut’s health!).

Ability to get free higher education.

The absence of all kinds of bureaucratic obstacles to starting their own business.

High standard of living (decent salary, stability of economic and political situation). 

Answers to questions asked by the Russians about the permanent residence in Finland and Sweden can be found on http://etur.ru/country/69/questions/604 and http://tripster.ru/questions/13142/

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