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Danish mix (part 3)

In the last part of the publication (also see Danish mix (part 1) and Danish mix (part 2), I mentioned the successful development of renewable energy in Denmark. See the photo of the house (project "Home for Life"), developed by the Danish company AART.

It’s the first "active" house in the world thanks to solar cells, solar pump, maximum use of natural light, and so on. It consumes less energy than it produces. Wherein, this high performance and eco-valuable house has its original unique design.

While we're on this subject (ie actually about physics), let’s mention (with great respect), the great Danish theoretical physicist Niels Bohr. This Niels did not fly on geese according to the famous Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf, but he perfected quantum mechanics, explained the mechanism of nuclear fission, and as a public figure called for a ban on nuclear weapons. See the photo of Bohr and L. Landau at Moscow State University, 1961 - Department of Physics, the Feast of Archimedes.

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