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Danish mix (part 6)

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain
From ancient times to the present day Danes are considered as excellent sailors. Everyone remembers Vitus Bering, a sailor of the Russian fleet, which is often called "Russian Columbus". He discovered the strait named after himself, the Commander Islands, and other things were nice. Danish men-of-war's men skillfully maintaine marine traditions of their country, putting fear in the Somali pirates, with whom they do not speak the language of diplomats.

"Civil" shipping is also thriving in Denmark. The whole world knows the Maersk Group – the largest operator of container marine (and not only) shipping. It is also involved in oil and gas extraction, shipbuilding, trading business. Maersk has its origin since 1904.

Performance: 115 thousand employees, offices located in 130 countries around the world, an annual turnover in excess of $ 60 billion. It is worth mentioning that since 1943 and until the end of World War II, half of the Maersk Group vessels was occupied by the US military cargo carriage. In Russia, one can often see containers with a white seven-pointed star on a blue background and the words Maersk.

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