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Preparing for the trip to Scandinavia: a linguistic approach to eating

Preparing for the trip to Scandinavia, you’d better learn a few words/expressions of "food vocabulary" in the native language of the country/countries you intend to visit.

This is especially true for travelers who prefer to travel independently. Typically, you can use basic English for everyday conversations and explanations, but you can see the menu in a restaurant without an English interlinear, or you can drop a clanger in the study of obscure product names (for example, when the number of dairy will think - where is the milk, where yogurt and where yogurt).

Therefore, I advise you to bring any electronic translator, or you can use my own technique. 

For example, the site http://www.visitoslo.com/ (English version), there is a section called Activities and attractions. We go to this section and search categories Shopping. Then - in the menu in the left corner of the site, we select the item Food and drinks. Click, and then choose, for example, the first name - Bakefri. Go to the link - and in the column Contact find the site address www.bakefri.no Then we go to the site and see the the column headings above. Copy it and paste it in the window of Google Translate, set the parameters of translation - from Norwegian to English and translate. As a result, we have:

Forside - home - home page

Produkter - products

Bestilling - booking - reservation

Slik finner du oss - how to find us

Nyttig informasjon - useful information.

Of course, we need to link Produkter - products - what we are doing.

We paste the text found on the next page again in the window of translator with the previous translation settings.

And voila: 

Grovbrød. 70 kroner                        wholemeal bread - 70 CZK

Påsmurt mat (49 - 59 kr)                  ready semi-finished products - (49 - 59 kr)

Varm sjokolade (pris varierer)         hot chocolate (prices vary)

You may not need such a detailed translation – then it will be good to write down only the general headings such as «Juice og brus» - «Juices and soft drinks". 

When you have collected 10-20 similar words and phrases - you can print them in a notebook in a mobile or even save in any more advanced way – since the modern technology provides a plenty of ​​possibilities.

I think that such prudence will help you to deal with problems that may arise.

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