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What do the Swedish Carlson and Finnish Moomin have in common?

Photo: spaceaero2, Wikimedia Commons, Licence CC 3.0

  • Inexhaustible love of adventures. In their spare time Kid and Carlson continuously merges into all sorts of stories - with the rogues, with the ghosts, and under patronage of freken Bok. Moomins are not far behind - flooding and a comet, not to mention the magic hat.
  • These heroes do not lose touch with the present. The winged phrases from the book "The Kid and Carlson"are relevant for all times: "From the pies does not get fat," "What I really can not get sick like other people?". And the pictures of Moomin can be found on the fuselage of the Finnair aircraft (see the photo above).
  •  Images of Carlson and Moomin can be found in a variety of souvenirs.

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  1. Спасибо
    Очень интересная инф-ция и фото.
    У меня тоже есть фото Скандинавии www.fotoeuropesuper.blogspot.com

  2. Алексей, большое спасибо за коммент! Заходила на www.fotoeuropesuper.blogspot.com - отличные фото Финляндии, Выборга, Старой Ладоги!

  3. I think I have seen Carlson when my son was still small and fond of watching children's cartoons. What I love most was Pipi Longstocking from Lindgren.

  4. Yeah, Pipi Longstocking is very remarkable! Thank you very much for the amazing comment!

  5. Thank you; I enjoyed this, my background is Finnish


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