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The Russian cartoon "Nu, pogodi!" and the Finnish mobile phones

Photo: Andrew Butko, Wikimedia Commons, Licence CC 3.0

You can see some adverts of Finnish company Nokia in 2 series of The Russian cartoon "Nu, pogodi!" (they were issued in 1993).

Currently, it is possible to download and install the game with the aforementioned cartoon characters on your Nokia smartphone (see. the photo above).

By the way, there is the championship on a throwing mobile phones which is held from time to time in Finnish town Savonlinna. Be sure to check the video from this championship – it’s a real pleasure to look at how serious it is treated with its participants and spectators. I think, they are very happy people!

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  1. Thanks for sharing I'm sure nostalgia gamers will appreciate the cultural influences of games from abroad. I was always partial to Sylvester the Cat and Twitty Bird. Not in the least because I resemble hair wise Sylvester with white spots on my facial temples on eitehr end. ;)


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