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Unusual Scandinavian shoes

Lets jog in Norway! Urgently! Other shoes excluded! Only this - in the colors of the Norwegian flag. If you wear it to participate in a crowded marathon, you will certainly not be mixed with those in "Adidas" and "Reebok". By the way, running in house slippers even more original - in my far from sports opinion.

Ecological shoes by Anni Rapinoja - Finnish designer who actively advocates for the environment. The coloring of these nice little shoes with a strong stable heel somehow remind me of fruits and berries dessert. In addition to protecting our natural environment the designer follows the recommendations of physicians and orthopedists. It is commendable!

Chain shoes or "shoes in chains" were developed by Swedish students studying design. These chain shoes - a mystery to the buyer, if such exists. How to stand or to walk in them? What are they based? Modernist, though, shoes!

And, finally, sneakers-divers! (Photographed by the blog author in the window of one of my hometown local shops):

It seems that these "Ichthyanders" are only in lack of the compressor for the air supply.

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