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Something about Stockholm museums

Museums of Stockholm...First of all it is Skansen. And, of course, there are a lot of other museums which are often inconspicuous for tourists. It is, for example, the Hallwyl Museum, where you can see a lot of different antiques -  from top to bottom of this house.

Skansen = the Sami people and Swedish old mode of life, skilled craftsmen, bears, deers, seals and a lot of many other things. In other words, it is the ethnographic museum in the open air, which is situated almost in the center of Stockholm.

There you can watch life in Sweden in all its diversity (during approximately the 19-20 centuries). And nowadays, probably the best representatives of the 21st century come to Skansen with their parents, look at the old world and the beasts of Sweden with astonished eyes, worn on the tracks, scream with delight and eat a lot of ice cream! However, this museum is informative and interesting for everyone. If you're lucky, you can get to one of the Skansen festivals. 

I and my family visited Skansen in mid-summer 2009. It was pretty hot, but we walked most of the museum territory. And it was not without adventures!. Here is how it was. We forgot our photocamera in the toilet cabin. And realized this fact only in 10 minutes after this case. Of course, we returned there and found nothing. We were really upset because there were a lot of beautiful photos of different places in it. After that we were going to buy a new photocamera. But then we remembered about the local museum information office and come there. One of its employees said to us that she didn’t know anything about this case and advised us to come to the information office a little bit later. So we walked sometime and came there again and the result was the same – not any information. But the same woman advised us to ask our question somewhere at the entrance to Skansen, because they pass all the lost and found things there.

So we went there – to the main entrance. Without any hope, we asked the friendly woman may be she saw our simple Canon photocamera. She shouted something to someone who was somewhere in the depths of this kiosk and this was the real wonder!!! Our photocamera was returned to us! Before this we were asked about its color, brand and so on, and all matched. We warmly thanked everyone and said that "we are crazy family from Russia". It was a cheerfully laugh from the kiosk window, and then they told us that our photocamera was brought to them by a young American couple. Thanks a lot, the USA!!!And then we went to the local restaurant right there in the Skansen: to have dinner, to rest our feet and celebrate our success ... with ice cream!

And now you can see some photos from that photocamera!

We returned from Skansen to the hotel by the tour steamer Hop-on - Hop-off. There were a lot of swans and, as you see, they are not at all ugly ducklings, as they were called in Andersen's fairy-tale. Just look at these charming guys!

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