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Finnish mix (part 2)

The previous part of the publication - Finnish mix (part 1).

In my travels to Finland I’ve noticed that Finns adore Russian native songs of the Soviet era. One of these songs is, of course, "Moscow Nights" or another song: “... At the moment darken night the sky,
At the moment windows were light...
The place is home of my friends,
I had stayed and looking there...
There are living favourite my friends...”.

One evening (it was in Lahti, south of Finland) I & my family went to the cafe of the nearest camping. There we saw the following: everybody who wanted to sing for all grateful listeners came on the small stage, and all singers were accompanied with applause - the atmosphere was homely and heartful. Also they sang Finnish songs, and girl tried to sing karaoke in Russian "Katyusha".

Finnish TV, especially YlE channel, often shows TV transmissions about rest evenings with a dances for the elderly. There are professional actors, musicians, singers who sing sincerely, fondly referring to the older generation. Sounding melodies are often recognizable by my parents. Well, Finns really like Russian songs 60s - 80s of the last century, often with a local arrangement.

And we also like the Finnish TV - it is very calm and friendly!

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