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Finnish mix (part 3)

Finnish mix (part 2) – the previous publications.

Our Finnish impressions

Enchanting nature (forests, lakes, cliffs of granite), smog-free and cigarettes-free air.

Healthy lifestyle at every step (physical exercises, proper diet, ecological nutrition – let’s remember Valio products).

Very calm and the well-kept kids, good-looking old ladies, millionaires in faded Chinese T-shirts (cotton 100%) running in the parks, persons with disabilities managing electric microcars with a GPS-navigators.

Cool construction equipment - VOLVO, HITACHI, KATO.

Clean yards with emerald-green lawns and gravel paths of the granite, pure water from the tap.

The hare sitting at the bus stop in the middle of the cottage settlement; squirrels-beggars jumping on the veranda; damn (but so handsome!) woodpecker, who woke us up the first night of arrival at 4 a.m. by its knocking on the wall of our cottege.

The old man in Adidas sneakers, light trousers and in a checkered jacket, collecting aluminum cans in a neat shopping bag (by the way, any store will take any empties from yours).

The adorable rooter stumps (something like JONSTON), which soundlessly vacated the mountainside overgrown with centuries-old fir trees from the big tree stumps. It turned the tree stumps in the future biofuels.

Girls with beautiful simple hairstyles and a minimum of cosmetics walking down the street.

A decent level of English among the majority of population, especially in the service sector.

A feel of the public peace which is spilled across all the country. It is felt in the characters, in some actions of people, in low-key architecture of the capital, in the ads of speakers at the railway stations and in trains, in TV broadcasting and so on...And all of this is FINLAND.

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