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The most interesting Twitter, Facebook & Niume comments of my blog posts (2016)

Summing up my blog-ends of the outgoing year, I would like to highlight some of my Twitter,  Facebook & Niume followers/readers/subscribers and to thank them for their interesting and original comments of my posts.

So, let’s see these comments to Scandinavia: worthwhile notes blog posts.

A-S Zolna-Gautrelet:
  • Sounds so familiar to me. Scandinavia is the best for a relaxing holiday, far far far away from the crowd to the post Why do I choose Scandinavia? .

Соколова Лариса:

Francesca Giovanna Camisa:
  • Well, I've never been a luna park fan but I should reconsider my position for two important reasons. First, Grona Lund is situated in Stockolm, wonderful city I visited many years ago and it belongs to my so much beloved Scandinavia. Second, my child Lena Eli would enjoy it very much.” to the post What is Gröna Lund, and what is it famous for?
fleecehead6:sun is the one eye the moon is the second eye” to the post Tromsø: midnight sunbathing .

adryanka oxoa:Gratos recuerdos de Helsinki!! to the post В Хельсинки продолжается Органное лето-2016!.

reindeerfinn :WhatWhat? Cannot be any other C-mas village than the 1 in Finland. Santa is a Finn,U forgot?Gonna tell Santa ab U” to the post Christmas Village in Iceland.

Daniel Gennaoui:Is it very expensive? I've read that Oslo in Norway is the most expensive city in Europe. Obviously Norway isn't Sweden, but just wondering the comparison... to the post Stockholm shopping (part 1) .

Pat Benn: I have never thought of the Scandinavian countries when planning an overseas trip.... Thanks for your posts - I will look at those countries in a more positive way in future...” to the post Majestic and comfortable Scandinavian cruiseferries.

Asaf Emre:I have been to Stockholm on a freezing cold night in winter. It was very nice experience for me. Walking on empty streets and feeling all atmosphere of medieval olden time. Gamla Stan such an amazing place... to the post Swedish mix (part 3).

Marie P.t.:I love that Sweden is so protective of their natural surroundings.” to the post Let's walk in Stockholm Ecopark.

Marie Lamb:Very interesting! Such beautiful detailed work as well, especially for how they must have crafted them, lots of hours of labor can be seen here. Thank you for sharing. to the post Which Scandinavian awards came from the era of the Knights (part 1).

Selma Vital:Only after living here in Denmark, I realized how much Scandinavians enjoy Christmas. It is crazy! It is good to know about this place. I plan to go to Iceland one day, but I think I'll skip the winter...” to the post Christmas Village in Iceland.

Also I would like to thank these followers:

Andre´ Kristian for the comment “Those were the days! One has never been too fond of Carl Larsson, but these days his art has an important national function to fill!”, sinikka leinonen for the comment: “Thank You so much Anastasia Happy evening for you in there. You so great Friend of Finland and me greetings”, Tapio Salminen for the comment: “Ja vielä #ff Anastasia @Vsplyshka twiittaa ja rt monipuolisesti fennoskandiasta & karjala/baltia. Maisemat, turismi, kulttuuri, luonto. If you are interested in tourism and places in #Scandinavia and Russian #Karelia & #Viborg, do follow Anastasia.”, Phil Chadwick for the comment: The weather is always interesting... thanks Anastasia. I have been to Finland and found it beautiful!”, Robert Karl Harding for the comment: Best wishes and happiness from Vietnam @Vsplyshka +thanks for liking. Like your Scandinavian tweets : )”, Birgit Tilert for the comment: Does the world know about the beaty of Stockholm ?", TC ayse tuncay for the comment: Scandinavia:The world's most beautiful places.. I think. So I think..”, Lokesh Kamatam for the comment: “Norway is one of my most favourite places. And you captured it even more fantastically.”.

8 комментариев:

  1. thanks Anastasia, is an honor for me your mention! I wish you a good 2016!!

  2. Thank you very much, I appreciate :) have a lovely evening

  3. Thank you. Nice of you to give us feedback A happy new year to you My home

  4. very lovely of you to organize your year end blog entry with so much #Gratitude! Spaceba! #Happy2016!

  5. It is a great honour Anastasia. I will be a follower. A greate 2016!!!!


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