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Finnish mix (part 7)

Let’s continue our great Finnish composition. Previous parts – see the index.

Our Finnish impressions (continuation 4)

So, my current comprehensive publication is dedicated to the Finnish Gypsies, police and border guards.

Gypsies. When you see them on the streets of the city, you are always amazed. Women dressed (or rather dressed up) as the ladies of Pushkin's times: fluffy skirts, pretty blouses with lace, jewelry. Men, of course, dressed more strictly: dark top, chrome boots. And the children wear modern outfits.

Nobody asks you to allow them to divine you. The Finnish Gypsies are very worthy people - this is the policy and care of the state. When we were in Finland, somebody said to us
that the municipal authorities ask and recomend the ethnic Gypsies in old age to wear their national costumes when they leave their houses. And nobody objects: it’s very nice to look at these beautiful people.

Police. Rather, it is practically absent. There are no any security guards from private security companies at the railway stations or in the shopping malls and stores. When a police car is passing by, everybody look at it very respectfully, becase it's the police! It's the law!

The police in Helsinki

Border guards. They are very polite and friendly (even their smart trained dogs!). One of the young guards laughed a lot when we said to him that the purpose of our trip - rest in his country. Apparently, he thought that a good rest in the summer is possible only somewhere in Turkey or in Egypt. We can understand him because he lives in one of the Nordic countries but we adore hoildays in beautiful Finland!

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