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Finnish mix (part 8)

And again about Finland!

Our Finnish impressions (continuation 5)

Something about Finnish social sphere. Victor, one of our family friends (he is about age 55, moved with his wife (she is Finn) in Suomi from Estonia in the late 90s. Estonian doctors insisted that he is healthy, despite his complaints. In Finland, he was made two free complex operations and that some of the little things. He came to life and now works together with his wife in some tourist OY (company), bought a decent car and decided the housing problem. He told us that the unemployed in Finland receive benefits € 400. And if they go on courses to get a specialty - even € 50.

Social activities of various charities and such kind of organizations, including the Lutheran Church, are very popular in the country. Victor has in his mind eight such organizations that actively offer assistance to the poor, including Russians. From time to time Victor selects some of these organizations. Usually they  offer basic foods (sugar, pasta, cereals, etc.) and cheap clothes. Some Russians collect said goods and send them to relatives in St. Petersburg.

There are few poor among the Finns themselves, their pensions are good. The average pension - € 1434 (men - € 1610, women - € 1258, because men have longer seniority and higher wages).

There is a broad investment portfolio in the Finnish non-state pension funds. Up to 50% of it are shares, 10-15% notes and bonds, and other securities. A lot of people acquire the shares, for example of the road companies that invest in long-term projects for the construction of roads. As a result, the number of jobs increases, roads are excellent, a return of investments is good. By the way, roads are all with a good coating with granite chips. And good granite is enough in Finland (see the photo below). 

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