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Finnish mix (part 9)

Photo: itec.aalto.fi, Licence CC 3.0

Education. In Finland you can see a concern about the future of the nation, not in words but in deeds - Finnish feature. Children get a free education which is often ranked as the best in the world.

There are excellent conditions for students - on the principle of "all inclusive" in the sense of all free: books, food, transportation, sports equipment. And the schoolchildren are serious about their studies.

And now a little funny moment. The daughter of the our acquaintance learned in the Finnish school. Once she organized such joke: the teacher left the room for a moment, then he returned and the room was empty – no students there. The teacher came to the director who did not believe it. They came to the classroom together – all the students sat on their seats. Director looked at the teacher with some suspicion. Finally all turned out – the girl persuaded all the guys to hide in the school lockers. Teachers were in real shock from such creativity. Now this girl successfully completes her study.

In Finnish schools students study the local nature (fauna and flora) in detail. To know about the palm trees and crocodiles - it's interesting, but to know and love the nature of your native country is still more important and necessary.

The teacher in Finland - one of the most prestigious professions. His salary - € 2,5-4,0 thousand., the juniour school teachers receive the highest salaries. The competition in pedagogical universities - up to 12 people. in place.

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