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Waiting for Walpurgis Night

 Фото: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Walpurgis Night in Skansen (Stockholm, Sweden) is a wonderful holiday with choral singing, various musical performances, and, of course, with a big bonfires. 

According to the tradition, people throw in them different unnecessary things that have accumulated over the winter, for example, cardboard boxes, fence boards and so on. And it’s a good fuel!

This holiday is actively celebrated with Scandinavian students, because it means soon ending of the academic year. For example, the program of celebration of Walpurgis night one of the largest universities in Sweden - Umeå University includes a huge number of songs and music with the participation of the student orchestra, various entertainments, visiting the local market, a lot of interesting activities for children. And all invited to the ceremony of rousing big bonfire!

Also see the video about Walpurgis Night celebration at the Umeå University.

So, let’s celebrate Walpurgis Night!

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