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How St. Olaf’s Day is held in Tolga, Norway

Photo: Espen Storhaug, on behalf of no:Stiklestad NasjonaleKultursenter, Wikimedia Commons, Licence CC 3.0

As you know, this holiday is special for the Norwegians, because St. Olaf (the former king of Norway in the XI century) is one of the most revered Scandinavian saints.

In 2016, this event is celebrated in Tolga with a special scope, because it is considered to be the biggest cultural event of the summer season.

The festival program includes a variety of shows, competitions, interesting excursions with the possibility of a deep immersion into the local history, saturated market days, dance parties, auctions, walks in nature, strong drinks in cafes and pubs, and a lot of other different and wonderful things.

The celebration of St. Olav's Day will last until 31 July. You can see the festival program on http://www.olsokitolga.no/

Also see the celebration of St. Olav's Day in 2011

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