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Photoode to the Bergen Railway

Every year a lot of travellers marvel at the beauty of the Bergen Railway.

Our family also has not escaped this fate – throughout all the trip, everyone of us clicked the photocamera or the phone. Having selected the most scenic photos of Norwegian landscapes, we decide to show them to your attention.

The first part of the route (from Oslo to Hønefoss) – urban & rustic landscapes 

“Wild” northern sceneries – appear from about stations Gol and Geilo. The weather is also very northern, despite the August

On the way to Finse, the road finally and irrevocably starts to rain. You can get to Finse is only3 ways: 1) by rail, 2) by bike, 3) the most fun option is to walk

By the way, in March 1979 George Lucas filmed one of the episodes of Star Wars somewhere in this area! Maybe even here:

Myrdal is the next notable stop. It’s a transfer point for those who travel to Flam on the scenic mountain railway!

The train is coming to Voss – the weather is noticeably getting better

My favorite part of the route is the way from Voss to Bergen. It’s the warmest part of our trip.

Amazing mountain rivers and fjords

Bergen panorama – the end of the route

8 комментариев:

  1. Красиво, природа, но думаю слишком сыровато, а я люблю солнышко )

  2. Вообще-то сыровато только на высшей точке ж/д – станции Финсе. А при движении поезда вниз появляется солнышко!

    1. Дорого стоят подобные путешествия?

  3. Как известно, путешествия по странам Северной Европы недешевые, но можно кое на чем сэкономить (транспорт, проживание и т.д.). Плюс зависит от сезона и того, куда именно вы хотите поехать.

    Стоимость проезда по Бергенской ж/д сейчас составляет примерно 66 EUR (утренний рейс, 1 взрослый в 1 конец, Lowest price).

  4. I really enjoyed this piece. We visited Bergen, it is an amazing city. Now I wish we had arrived via the train!

  5. I have friends who live in Bergen and your post reminds me I must visit :)


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