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My trip to FinSweNor (part 1)

“We’re riding, riding, riding
To where the rainbow ends…” 
(Sergey Mikhalkov, “The Song of the merry friends”)

I named my journey to the Nordic countries as “trip to FinSweNor”. Why?

Lets remember Benelux. So, the name FinSweNor is also formed from joining the first letters of names of those countries which I visited during my trip:



and Norway - the ultimate goal of my trip.

It was a funny family journey together with my parents.

Our slogan is “We are crazy family from Russia”.

We chose the train as the main vehicle for travelling in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The first reason for this choice is our shared dislike of planes, the second – the desire to see Scandinavia "from the inside", at least from a car window. 

We wanted to get more interesting road experiences, and expectations did not deceive us!

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Пишу в http://putevaya-scandi.blogspot.com/ о своих путешествиях по Скандинавии + обо всем, что связано с Северной Европой (фотоотчеты, социалка, образование, экология, музыка, мода, кулинария, спорт и еще много-много всего!)