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My trip to FinSweNor (part 4)

Something about the preparation and start of our FinSweNor trip.

And now let me focus on some Finnish cities and regions that come our way.

First, a few words about Lahti, which I visited 4 times.

Finns consider it as the most "American" city in their country. Straight streets and modern architecture of Lahti (without the pressure of urbanization) make it a very comfortable place for living, sport and recreation.

This city with a hundred thousand population has an excellent sports infrastructure.

Pools (including outdoors), ski jumps, equipped ski trails, on which every year (usually in March) world championships are held , and even a children's stadium! I saw the 10-12-year-old boys, who played baseball with great passion there.

There are several museums in Lahti. In addition, Lahti is considered to be a musical city. It often hosts music festivals in various formats and genres. Also, residents and guests of the city (especially in summer) enjoy the coolness and originality of Lahti musical fountains. 

As for Lahti shopping, I like such shops as TRIO, ALEKSI13, CITYMARKET, SOKOS. In these stores you can buy  practical and modern things without the hustle, which is common in large landside shops of the Finnish capital.

And now - a few words about Tikkurila. This area of ​​the city of Vantaa is known for its high-quality paints and varnishes of well-known group founded 150 years ago. Now the group has offices in 20 countries and 0,5 Bln EUR of annual profits.
The main scientific Scandinavian museum is situated in Tikkurila. Its exhibits demonstrate the effect of physical laws. I think, that it is a wonderful institution for learning the world around us. Adults and children regularly visit this museum.

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  1. Hih - our dog is from the Lahtis area and our kids have made school trips to Heureka.

  2. TYVM for such nice & great comments! Will continue to remember my trips to wonderful Suomi and the other Nordic countries! My best wishes to you and your family!


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