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Christmas Village in Iceland

Photo: Carlos Ferrer, Wikimedia Commons, Licence CC 2.5

Photo: Helgi Halldórsson, Flickr.com, Licence CC 2.0

The Christmas Village, which is located in the centre of Hafnarfjordur (about a 15-20 minute drive from Reykjavík) invites all residents and visitors of Iceland!

Here you can buy Christmas & New Year gifts, fork out for Christmas decorations, shop delicious organic products.

Santa, naughty elves, a large Christmas tree, live music, Christmas plays... Big festive madness! Read more - http://visitreykjavik.is/christmas-village-hafnarfjordur

Those who do not have time to visit the Christmas Village, still have to come to Hafnarfjörður. There are a lot of good shops and shopping centres, boutiques in this picturesque town (by the way, this city is the third the number of inhabitants in Iceland, after Reykjavik and Kopavogur). Also there you find nice restaurants and cafes, where the food is very yum-yum! Good hotels are also available, and whoever wants - can stay for the night in the Icelandic capital, it is very close.

Photo: Almir de Freitas, Wikimedia Commons, Licence CC 2.0

Hafnarfjörður is called the "city on the lava" - the ground on which it is located, formed by the lava of the volcano Búrfell (its eruption took place about 7000 years ago). Another name – "the city of the elves."

Here tourists are offered interesting nature excursions - to waterfalls, harbors and lagoons. Night tours with hunting the Northern lights are also very popular! And the Viking Village is located here. In general, it is the beauty in Icelandic style!

The Viking Village

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

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  1. WhatWhat? Cannot be any other C-mas village than the 1 in Finland. Santa is a Finn,U forgot?Gonna tell Santa ab U

  2. wow, I liked it a lot, never heard of it before, thanks!

  3. Only after living here in Denmark, I realized how much Scandinavians enjoy Christmas. It is crazy! It is good to know about this place. I plan to go to Iceland one day, but I think I'll skip the winter...

  4. Million thanks for such detailed & inspiring comment! As for Iceland winter, I agree, I also plan to skip it if I go there!

  5. I have heard about this village but never been there. Sounds good for a visit but surely not in winter.


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