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Windy Sweden

In this post windy means “full of energy” (not “flighty” as you could think).

I saw alternative energy in action during one of my Scandinavian travels. Going to train Stockholm-Oslo and looking at the countryside, you can see some kind of engineering marvel – these structures with a height of about 12-storey building, painted in a light gray color, standing not far from one another, on carefully manicured fields. I mean wind turbines.

As soon I saw them, I threw admiring glance, trying to see all the details. For me this view is fantastic, because of the lack of this kind of energy in my native country.

I saw a lot of wind turbines especially on the fields near Gothenburg, between Herrljunga and Öxnered stations.

Even if there is almost no wind, the economy of farmers and small facilities do not suffer from a lack of energy. With heavy use of wind generators (in high winds) electricity surplus are accumulated in batteries, or transferred (sold) to a nearby traditional grid. And vice versa. From an economic point of view, this is certainly a profitable business.

Scandinavia is for green growth and clean energy!

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