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My trip to FinSweNor (part 8)

We continued our journey by train via Sweden. After the station Balsta landscapes were as follows - lots of towns with low houses, well-groomed parks with green grass. All this was interspersed with the results of human industrial activity. No, nothing - dumps, grubby industrial areas were not. On the contrary – the cleanliness, greenery and solitude.

Meanwhile the sun was hot as in the summer. Here you have the Northern country!

Then we again rode the train and admired the cute low-rise buildings. By the way, the construction of such houses according to Swedish technology is gaining more and more popularity in many countries. This is due to low operating costs, energy and thermal efficiency.

It is curious that the Kingdom of Sweden has adopted a law stating that by 2020, all low-rise and cottege construction in this country must be provided with alternative and renewable sources of energy.

Our train sped past one of the local garbage collecting points. Yes, there was a funny situation connected with garbage - in 2012 Sweden has exhausted the reserves of waste and invited other countries (in particular Norway) to share with her their solid waste. It turns out that in Sweden only a small percentage of waste is sent to landfill, and the rest is processed into excellent fuel.

And once again cottege villages, peace and quiet…Let’s admire the sunny and friendly Sweden.

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  1. Great photos! I really like Scandinavia as well, 2 countries left on my bucket list: Iceland and Norway.

  2. TYVM for your wonderful reply! Wish you a great trip to these Nordic countries!


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