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My trip to FinSweNor (part 11)

As you remember, we were travelling via Sweden towards Oslo and waiting for the second train transfer.

Swedish flat landscape was enlivened by 3-blade manufacturers of "green" electricity – the wind turbines – a reminder of technical progress.

The friendly train conductor, who was mentioned in the previous publication, warned us in time about the arrival at the necessary stop. The train stopped and we made the second transfer – Öxnered Station. This station was uncrowded and very clean. We and two other passengers were waiting for train to Oslo. It was late for a couple of minutes, but it was more comfortable than the previous one (however, without specifying the places).

So, we boarded the train and continued our journey. There was a nice little dog, who was travelled with a young man, in the train car. It entertained us for a long time because it was very inquisitive and (horror of horrors!) restless violator of the rules of journey. It liked to sit on a train chairs very much! Its owner and a train conductor-controller tried to reeducate it, but it was really impossible! We were watching their attempts with a great curiosity. And the dog itself was genuinely wondered what the matter was. In the end its owner had to put the collar on it and hold the leash. And the dog had to sit by the rules.

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