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Our dreams come true: we're in Norway (part 2)

So, we continued our trip to the Kingdom of Norway in the comfortable NSB train.

There were a lot of tourists travelling together with us. They arrived from the different corners of the world: from Odessa to America.  

We went in a wagon among the first passengers and found our seats. There was a Japanese family – a father, a mother and two daughters like the high school girls. They were smiling and laughing all the time. And, of course, they have with them the super photo equipment.

Then, suddenly we heard somebody speaking Russian. Our compatriots (two families – mothers, fathers and their children) put their things on luggage racks and began to eat something – maybe, they didn’t have time for any breakfast. We understood from their dialogues that they almost missed this train from the airport, where they spent the night.

The train started, and most of the passengers fell asleep, because it was dark outside the windows – we passed through the tunnels. By the way, there are about 1000 tunnels in Norway. One of them is the world's longest with a length of 24.5 km!

There was a couple from Germany who shared the table with the Japanese girl not far from us. She gave them explanations about the merits of her fancy Nikon, making photos of something from time to time. Sometimes we also woke up and made photos of the Norwegian landscapes (cute small towns, farmlands, picturesque rivers and lakes, majestic rocks and cliffs).

Then we were watching for the American sitting by the window next to us. Firstly he put his big bag on luggage rack and took his seat, removed the sneakers and began reading New York Herald Tribune, sipping something from a bottle. After tickets check he took his sweater and put it under his back. Then he took his camera and made some photos… After some time he went to the restaurant car (without shoes, in socks). Then he returned and again disappeared. So, he was the most active passenger in our wagon.

Meanwhile, after for about an hour the weather worsened – our train started to climb the mountain plateau.

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  1. Класс!!! Я бы тоже хотела побывать в Норвегии!

  2. Очень рекомендую Берген, т.к. оттуда удобно отправляться в туры на разные фьорды.


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