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Our dreams come true: we're in Norway (part 4)

The next part of our NSB train journey. The train went higher and higher on the Norwegian mountain plateau of Hardangervidda, and the weather became increasingly gloomy.

About 20 minutes later we saw the snowy peaks or hills with snow. That's what height the snow never melted. Let me remind you: we are talking about Aug 28, 2012. The temperature outside was + 3°C.

Continue to "climb" up the hill. And now we get from the weather the first serious warning.

Finse Station. It is the highest point of the plateau. The height is a little over 1200 m. The temperature outside was +2°C (I have this in the fridge at home).

Myrdal Station. It is used to direct the train to another branch. The most part of our fellow passengers got off the train under strong rain and a temperature of +4°C. All of them ran to the waiting room of the station, and then - for a transfer to Flam to explore the picturesque mountain railway 20 kilometers, and then went down to the narrow Aurlandsfjord/Aurlandsfjorden. From the train window we saw that the waiting room was filled to capacity.

After that the train proceeded its movement. It was 30-40 minutes to get to Voss. There was only our family group, a German couple and a Japanese family in the train car. The weather and nature outside began to change for the better.

Finally we were at Voss – our final stop! We had to go on a tour of the Hardanger fjord from there.

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