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Bergen kaleidoscope (part 1)

After admiring the Norwegian mountain rivers and railway stations, we arrived in Bergen. It was one of the main goals of our trip to FinSweNor. One day in this city = lots of impressions and photos. So, let’s begin the story.

We left Bergen Station and went to the Fish Market. Frankly speaking, were expecting more. There were not very clean tables and benches, lots of rubbish under feet in this too crowded place. May be, the season was wrong or something else. Anyway, we liked most Fish Market in Helsinki.

What happened next? Walking around downtown, snacking at some candy store and a bus tour of the city (City Sightseeing Bergen AS). The headphones sounded the text in Russian, the guide told very interesting things about Bergen history and modernity.

Some things I remembered. This beautiful city was founded by king Olaf the Peaceful in 1070, and already after 150 years Bergen became the capital. In the Middle Ages Bergen was the most important commercial centre and the largest city in Scandinavia. Now it is home to about 260 thousand people.

The name of its main street – Bryggen – resembles about the past of the city. There are a lot of buildings of old wooden blocks in this street.

Bergen has many museums: the Norwegian Fisheries Museum, Grieg Museum, and even a rare Leprosy Museum. There are also other educational places: Bergen Aquarium, Fløbanen cable car. 

Bergen is recognized as the cultural capital of Norway. Great people of the city are: the composer Edvard Grieg – a synonym for "Norwegian music" and playwright Henrik Ibsen, an adherent of symbolism, a monument of which the sculptor executed in an appropriate style. The Norwegians are very respectful, pay respect to the great representatives of the people.

Summing up this brief excursus into Bergen history, mention, that Bergen is “the gateway to the fjords of Norway”.

Bergen architecture

Every building, every house is a work of art of different years. Each building is done it its individual style. On the contrary, there is something unifying like a charm in this apparent mixture of styles and colors.

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