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How to spend the exciting summer in Scandinavia-2017 (part 2)


Previously I told you about the options of summer holidays-2017 in Finland. Now let’s move to Sweden. You are sure to find something particularly fascinating!

Firstly, "the state of svears" will splash a whole ocean of music out on music lovers. Don’t miss the possibility to visit concerts of such rock, pop and metal monsters like Radiohead (Stockholm, 9 June), Justin Bieber (Stockholm - 10 June), Bryan Ferry (Stockholm - June 15), Sting (Rättvik - June 16), Celine Dion (Stockholm, 17 June), Green Day + Support (Gothenburg - June 21), Coldplay (June 25-26), Guns N' Roses (Stockholm - June 29), Elthon John (Stockholm, 2 July) Per Gessle (Orebro - July 8, Gothenburg - July 22, Stockholm, 27 July), Alice Cooper (Gothenburg - July 26, Stockholm, 27 July), Pet Shop Boys (Rättvik - July 27), Robbie Williams (Stockholm, July 29), Patti Smith and her band (Stockholm, 21 August).

Let me mention other, not less exciting music events:

8-11 June – Clandestino festival of alternative music (Gothenburg).

June 9 – Summerburst -  "the fountain" of electronic music (Stockholm).

10-12 August - Way Out West + Stay Out West – the most popular European music-festival + club concerts. The already announced performance of Lana Del Ray and many others!

Going outside after each of these super concerts, you will enjoy the incredible evening views of Swedish cities:

Secondly, let's see what we have in terms of sports. Summer Sweden will offer you a lot of exciting events – from football (Gothia Cup, Gothenburg, 17-23 July) and handball (Partille Cup, Gothenburg, 4-9 July) to skateathon (Stockholm Skateathon, August 20).

Prefer a complex competition? Then you enjoy the following events:

June 10 - Gothenburg Triathlon = running + swimming + biking race.

August 5 – Öloppet – running + swimming in Gothenburg.

26-27 August - Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm = running + swimming + biking race through the most picturesque corners of the Swedish capital.

How are things with Swedish holidays and cultural entertainment? Just fine! They will be the most interesting!

June 6 -  National Day of Sweden.

June 20 – everyone's favorite Midsummer.

20-22 July – family sports-entertainment folk festival  The High Coast Hike (Höga Kusten Resort).

July 28 - the tournament at the Skokloster Castle on lake Mälaren between Stockholm and Uppsala.

29 to 31 July - Stockholm Music & Arts Festival.

1-6 Aug – Maritime Karlskrona Archipelago Festival.

16-20 Aug - Gothenburg Culture Festival - the largest annual city festival.

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