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Our adventures in Norway continue (part 5)

A few words about Fleischer's Hotel where we lived. It is the great place with the spirit of Norwegian retro. The hotel has its own unique history and it has welcomed the most distinguished guests.

It was like "home base" for us during our stay in Voss. Special thanks for comfort, delicious dishes prepared in is kitchen and for the Norwegian TV!

Historical note

In 1864 Fredrik Lyth Ørum Fleischer sold the Voss Church (family property since 1752) to the municipality, and then bought a house with land. This house where Fleischer family lived also performed the function of a small hotel.

The years went by, and the situation has sharply changed because of the opening of the Bergen Railway (1883). This meant a larger number of travelers, and Fredrik Fleischer decided to expand and upgrade the building.

The reconstruction was completed in 1888, and after 13 (!) days the building was completely burned down. Fortunately, Magdalene (the wife of the owner), managed to insure the building. After the fire Fleischer family revived the hotel in "Swiss" style with turrets, balconies, etc.

At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, the hotel was visited by several important persons: two crown princes (who later became kings), Prince of Siam; the German Emperor Wilhelm II came to the hotel 3 times in the period from 1890 to 1896. Finally, the hotel 4 times was honored by a visit from the king of Norway Haakon VII in 1908 – 1924. By the way, this king enjoyed great respect for the Norwegians.

During the Second World War, the hotel was populated by the Germans, so the bombs did not fall on him. Owners hid silverware under the floor of the kitchen, where it lay safely until better times.

In the difficult postwar years the business of the hotel went into decline. But in 1957 Olaf Fleischer Tønjum (the representative of the IV generation of Fleischer family) reconstructed the hotel and built a new wing. But on 23 September 2008, the hotel caught fire: burned down kitchen and 6 rooms 1st floor. However, 2 months after the hotel was re-opened. Now it welcomes guests from all over the world, including us - crazy family from Russia.

Fleischer's Hotel nowadays

Now there are 110 rooms + 30 apartments in the hotel. It offers many services, has its own pool with children's pool for small visitors, places for playing golf, badminton, tennis. Your mood can dramatically improve when you visit pleasant Restaurant Magdalene and/or Fredrik’s bar. In addition to European dishes the restaurant's menu includes dishes made from local delicacies: smoked sheep's head (especially popular at Christmas), the ribs of a sheep, lamb leg, sausages, etc. You can eat your dinner on a terrace with a gorgeous view of the lake.

The portraits of Fleischer family’s ancestors, honoured guests and participants in the Olympic games make this place turn the hotel into the real museum. Also you are surrounded by an atmosphere of friendliness, neatness, and courtesy of staff is beyond praise.

Some photos illustrated my story:

Portrait gallery

Vintage pictures, old cars and Singer sewing machine

Nice fireplace and happy trolls 

The personal toilet of Wilhelm II (located near the reception)

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