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Forward?...Ago! In prehistoric times of Norway!

Photo: Mercy from Wikimedia Commons, Licence CC 3.0

From today until September 1, 2019, everyone will be able to join a group with a guide to visit the Norwegian prehistoric village of Landa.

More precisely, we are talking about the ancient ruins of this village (now reconstructed to recreate the spirit of ancient history), in which the ancestors of modern Norwegians lived for almost 2000 years (from about 1500 to 600 BC). Archaeological finds and excavations in the area on its scale have no analogues in Northern Europe.

Photo: Mercy from Wikimedia Commons, Licence CC 3.0

Visitors are invited to take a direct part in the daily life of the village (cooking, fishing, archery). You can also go horseback riding and feed the animals, and then – to try a variety of goodies from prehistoric Swedish Smörgåsbord (why not Norwegian?!!).

Come and see how the story will come to life in your astonished eyes! Summer in Landa is waiting for you!

P.S. From 24 to 25 August 2019 there will be a Viking festival. Your presence is required!

Photo: Mercy from Wikimedia Commons, Licence CC 3.0

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